Willion is a Hungarian brand focuses on furnishing premium family houses and flats. Our main areas are:

- interior design consultation

- custom made furniture design and manufacturing

the company was founded in 2012. 

Honest and timeless materials describe the Willion products.

In the manufacturing we use the best and latest German technology as well as the most exclusive kitchen and furniture brands in Europe. 

We are a family owned small production a husband and a wife with two little boys.

Tamas is the manager of the company, project runner, is responsible from client consultations till. managing projects, manufacturing and on time delivery.

Timea the architect is the creative manager of the company, working with all her efforts besides two kids to check every project, and to maximize the results in terms of design and the projects smooth running.

The other team members are experienced designers, carpenters. 

Our driving principles are reasonability, responsibility and reliability without compromises. We continuously strive to deliver suitable functionality and high quality on time.

 ,,We are not a luxury brand, but certainly focus on premium clients, seeking quality, and superb value for price. ,,

Our Team.

Tamás Vastag

CEO, engineer


Tel: +36 70 406 6163

Timea Vastag Horváth

founder, architect


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